Liturgy Schedule

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Weekend Masses:

Saturday Vigil: 5:30 p.m. Main Church
Sunday: 9:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. Main Church

                1:30 p.m. (Polish, 1st & 3rd Sunday)


Weekday Masses:

Monday, 6:00 p.m. in the Main Church

Tuesday - Friday  9:00 a.m.

     in the Main Church

Holy Days of Obligation:

9:00 a.m. & 7:00 p.m. in Church


Saturday, 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. in the church

                  or by appointment

News & Events

Weekly Scripture Readings July 12-July 19

Sunday, July 12: Isaiah 55:10-11/Ps 65:10, 11, 12-13, 14/ Rom 8:18-23/Mat 13:1-23

Monday, July 13: Isaiah 1:10-17/Ps 50:8-9, 16bc-17, 21 & 23/ Mat 10:34-11:1

Tuesday, July 14: Isaiah 7:1-9/Ps 48:2-3a, 3b-4, 5-6, 7-8/ Mat 11:20-24

Wednesday, July 15: Isaiah 10:5-7, 13b-16/Ps 94:5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 14-15/Mat 11:25-27

Thursday, July 16: Isaiah 26:7-9, 12, 16-19/Ps 102:13-14ab & 15, 16-18, 19-21/Mat 11:28-30

Friday, July 17: Isaiah 38:1-6, 21-22, 7-8/Isaiah 38:10, 11, 12abcd, 16/Mat 12:1-8

Saturday, July 18: Micah 2:1-5/Ps 10:1-2, 3-4, 7-8, 14/ Mat 12:14-21

Sunday, July 19: Wis 12:13, 16-19/Ps 86:5-6, 9-10, 15-16/Rom 8:26-27/Mat 13:24-43

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​A Note from our Pastor

Dear Parishioners,

Please remember to wear a mask at the entry and exit from the church as regulated by the diocesan instructions.

Wearing a mask according to the CDC significantly reduces the spread of the virus. So out of care for each others health and well being let’s wear them while going into and out of the church as well as during public gatherings.

Although the faithful are dispensed from their Sunday obligation to attend Mass, you are strongly encouraged to participate in a live-streamed or televised Mass and make a spiritual communion. It is important to keep holy the Lord’s Day in some intentional way-spending time in prayer, reading the Sacred Scriptures, meditating on the Lord’s suffering, death and resurrection, reciting the rosary or participating in a spiritual or corporal work of mercy. We will continue live streaming from Saint Olaf at the 11:30 a.m. Sunday Mass. See the link below.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic, beside being a threat to our health and life, has brought havoc to the global economy. Many businesses and many people have been impacted tremendously forcing them to shut down resulting in being unable to provide for those who depend on them. The suspension of public worship and the restrictions that limit the attendance at the present time have greatly diminished the offerings and donations of the faithful.

Despite all this, churches, parish offices, and some ministries continue their daily operations retaining their workers, paying utilities, insurances and other expenses. This is also true about our parish at Saint Olaf. I am grateful to all who have been supporting the parish through online giving and/or mailing their donations to the parish office during this most challenging time. It has helped tremendously but there are some tough times still ahead of us.

As we continue operating on a limited income we must however continue our mission as a church. It will not be possible without your support. I do not expect that support from those who lost their income and struggle financially to survive. We should be able to help them out but at the present time we do not have the means to do that.

Therefore, I ask everyone to recognize the many blessings we receive daily and not forget our responsibility to offer and share our gifts no matter how small.

A willing and joyful giver is blessed by God who sees into the depths of our souls and increases our goodness two and hundred fold.

Father Andrzej 

Catechists Needed (CCD Teachers)

A goal of the Saint Olaf Faith Formation Program is to recruit at least two catechists for each class, so we never have to cancel a class in the event of a catechist’s absence. We are in need of catechists for Second Grade, Fifth Grade, 2nd Year Confirmation and RCIA. Please contact Carol Welninski at the parish office: 801-295-3621 or by email: if interested or for more information. ​​​

Sunday Mass will be available LIVE at 11:30 a.m. via Fr. Andrzej's Facebook  page.​ 


The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process through which adults and children older than seven become Catholic. If you are interested in becoming Catholic, please contact Heather Bonn by calling (801)295-3621 or emailing 

Bulletin News Deadline: 

Bulletin Announcements for the weekend of July 11th/12th is due by Noon on Monday, July 6th. Please email your information to or call 801-295-3621.

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​Saint Olaf parish is a Catholic community committed in faith to witness the good news of Christ in our daily lives. 

In order to build the kingdom of God on earth, we gather to worship, educate, serve and grow in God’s love.

Please remember the sick of our parish in your prayers that they may be healed, strengthened, and know the love of God during their suffering: 

     Ms, Barrington ​​    
     John Cunningham
​     Tom Evans​​​​​
​     Luke Garrick​​​​​​
​     Darlyne Lawson
​     Robert Lawson ​​
     Erik Mathiesen 
​     Pat Murphy​

     Alicia Ortega   
     Gary Park​in​ ​
​     Lorraine Reyes​
​     Nash Schouten ​​

     Brian Sheperd
     Tom Smith​
     Tammy Tonneson​
     Rose Ziegenmier​

These names will be printed in our bulletin for the next 4 weeks. Call the office at 801.295.3621 to make changes, remove or add a loved one to the prayer list. 

Anointing of the Sick

If your loved one is suffering from a serious or life-threatening illness, please request a Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Father Andrzej will gladly minister the sacrament and pray for God’s healing. 

Our Mission


Saint Alphonsus Liguori

Saint Thomas Aquinas defined “spiritual communion” as “an ardent desire to receive Jesus in the Holy Sacrament and a loving embrace as though we had already received Him. Saint Teresa of Avila wrote: “When you cannot receive Communion and cannot attend Mass, you can make a spiritual communion, which is a most beneficial practice; by it the love of God will be greatly impressed on you.”

My Jesus,
I believe that you are present
in the Most Holy Sacrament.
I love you above all things,
and I desire to receive you into my soul.
Since I cannot at this moment
receive you sacramentally,
please come spiritually into my heart.
I embrace you now
as if you were already there 
and I unite myself wholly to you.
Never permit me
to be separated from you.


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Saint Olaf Catholic Church

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